Car Insurance Coverage Types on Curacao

Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) 

  • Covers legal liability
  • Costs of legal proceedings after serving of summons are covered
  • Covers cost of temporary replacement vehicle

Third Party Plus limited comprehensive cover (LCC).

  • Theft/joyriding
  • Collision with unleashed animals
  • Natural disaster (storm and suchlike), window breakage

No loss or reduction of no-claim discount when  reporting a claim under LCC. Maximum no-claim discount on LCC is 50%. Policy available if vehicle is no more than 8 years old.

Comprehensive motor vehicle cover

  • Third Party Plus cover
  • Damage due to collision
  • Any other event that could cause damage to the vehicle
  • Compensation towards rental costs up to 60 guilders per day; 900 guilders maximum per event
  • First year  at total loss guaranteed replacement value of new vehicle
  • Maximum no-claim discount: 60%
  • Extra discount: 10% with increased excess
  • Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Cover is available if your car is no more than 4 years old.