Advertise on CuraCars

Our site has over 15.000 visitors a month. This is partly because of our high ranking on Google and daily advertisements on our populair Facebookpage with over 2500 followers. Our site is an ideal podium for all companies that have some sort of connection to the automotive industrie Curacao. There are currently 3 different advertising options on our site. Below is a short  description of these options and there costs.

Address listing with link & logo

Your company address will be listed on the page that shows all companies in the area of expertise. It will be listed on top (above the none paying companies) together with a link to your website and e-mail address and your logo. The rate of a listing like this is Nafl. 250,-- a year.
Maximum dimmensions of your logo 340x170 pixels

Banner Advertentie

There are 10 banner spots available, these 10 banners are displayed randomly each time a page is loaded. Currently the rates are Nafl. 150,- per month, there is a minimum of 3 months. Prices are probably rising as we are getting more vistors each month. When you advertise 1 year or longer you will receive a free address listing with link and logo. 
Maximum dimmensions of your  banner: (wxh) 336x280 of 300x250 pixels.


There is a maximum of 5 slides available for advertising. Slides can be clickable and hosted on your own server, this allows you to change it whenever you like. You will also receive a free address listing with link and logo when you order a slide for 3 months or longer.
Dimmensions of your  slides: (wxh) 680x383 pixels

Period Price Remarks
day Nafl. 25,-- Minimum 7 days
month Nafl. 600,--  
year Nafl. 5000,--.  
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