Car Inspection

Have you seen a second-hand car at and you're considering to buy this car? We advise to do the purchase inspection.

After you bought a second-hand car there is a chance that you'll be faced with technical problems, towering mechanic bills and a back turned odometer.

Recently has launched their new service: the purchase inspection. This inspection will give you more insight in the technical condition of the car, the past of the car and the upcoming maintenance.

In collaboration with a conveniently located and professional car dealership you can easily check any second-hand car from now on.

For 75 guilders the car will be checked careful and you''ll be spared a bad buy. 

What will be checked during the purchase inspection?

  • The mileage
  • The engine
  • The timing belt
  • De gearbox
  • The suspension 
  • The lights and other electronics
  • The bodywork will be check for rust
  • Poorly repaired damages

After the inspection the judge will make a quick test drive and he'll bring you his advise. 

If you're interested in the purchase inspection please fill in the following form. The conserning car dealership will contact you soon to make an appointment. 

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